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We help energy enterprises, energy users, multilateral institutions, Governments and Governmental bodies to develop, analyse and implement strategies for the rapidly changing energy environments around the world.

Energy Services

Energy sectors covered include all the midstream and downstream areas of:

  • Natural gas
  • Electricity
  • Gas to power
  • LNG
  • LPG
  • Petroleum products markets
  • Midstream and downstream oil and oil product
  • Biofuels, Renewable energy, Climate change

Regulatory Services

• Economic and financial analysis
• Project appraisals
• Feasibility
• Due diligence
• Market studies
• Energy industry restructuring

• Petroleum (oil, gas, petroleum products) legislation
• Legal frameworks
• Gas and power contracts
• Gas Supply Agreements
• Power Purchase Agreements

• Regulatory frameworks
• Contracts
• Network codes
• Studies of regulatory frameworks worldwide
• Design of regulatory structure
• Regulatory strategy
• Representing client to regulatory authorities

• Tariff design
• Periodic price control reviews
• Infrastructure tariffs
• Cost of service studies
• Incentive pricing studies
• Market pricing studies
• Price control mechanisms
• Electricity and Gas pricing

Commercial Services

• Support for contract formulation and negotiations
• Economic and financial analysis
• Development of Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
• Risk identification and analysis
• Fuel supply contracting
• Purchasing and sales strategy
• Commercial management
• Business development
• Market research
• Business intelligence
• International tender preparation and management
• Project and business management (directing, team leading, project managing)

• Corporate, strategic and business planning
• International corporate strategy planning
• Business restructuring
• Search for strategic partnerships
• Market segmentation and competitor analysis
• Opportunities to increase shareholder value

• Commercial and financial project appraisal
• Commercial contracts and negotiations
• Identification of partners
• Country risk analysis
• Market studies

• Search for acquisition opportunities
• Search for strategic partners
• Evaluation and analysis of candidates
• Due diligence support and management
• Management of the acquisition process
• Post acquisition management support

• Economic and financial evaluation models
• Asset valuations
• Supply and demand modelling
• Cost of service models
• Price forecasting models
• Quantitative analysis

Gas and Power Engineering

• Midstream and downstream energy supply
• Asset costing and valuations
• Pipeline and network studies and evaluations
• Technical surveys
• Due diligence
• Technical standards and policies
• HSE policies and audits
• LNG and LPG technology and systems
• Power transmission and distribution systems
• Heat rates

Summary Project References

Legal and Regulatory

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Network Codes

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Tarrifs and Prices

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Markets and Feasibility Studies

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Strategic Studies

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LNG and Gas to Power Projects

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